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CAST: Rob Black, Jason Ward,


RELEASE DATE: 5/25/2006

As a thank you for making the Tickled, Tackled & Touch series such a success, we are continuing to expand our tickling programming. And because you asked for it, our newest video features tickling from beginning to end! No story, no gimmicks - just two hot-for-each-other studs in a room with some bondage equipment and a wrestling mat. When we asked Zeus Boy of the Year Robert Black who he’d most like to tickle, he chose our very own Can-Am wrestling coach, Jason Ward. Jason was not only flattered, he was juiced to take on such a veteran video stud. As you’ll quickly see, Jason’s not shy when it comes to wrestling, tickling, and sex. After all, he should be able to perform what he trains others to do so well. The action starts in the standing bondage rack, where Jason happily submits to Robert’s gut, chest, back and ass punching torture. When Jason gets a little mouthy, Robert decides he needs a penis gag, and a little pleasure to go with his pain. The tickling is relentless, and Jason’s muffled laughter is a total turn on - especially as he pulls himself right off the ground. But of course, there’s no escaping. Once he has Jason’s meat tenderized, Robert agrees to a wrestling match. Of course this is where Jason shines, and it’s payback time. He uses his submission holds to tickle every part of Robert’s sinewy writhing body, including his bare feet. At one point, he even manages to put Robert out with a sleeper, and then ties him up so he can have even more fun. But Robert has a few tricks up his sleeve, and he’s a quick learner. He reverses Jason down into some very vulnerable holds of his own and continues his tickle torture. Jason’s tough and refuses to give up the match until Robert firmly plants his butt on his face. We think he just got a taste of what he really wanted, as he lustily dives into giving Robert his well-deserved victory blow job and fuck. 1 hr. 20 min.

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