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CAST: Bratn Moore, Jason Crew, Kyle Adams, Steve Waye,


RELEASE DATE: 1/12/2010

DADDY ZEUS: You're in an all male strip club. The lights are cheap and garish. The stripper pole is center stage. Two very hot guys are giving down and dirty lap dances to two equally hot customers who are tipping the strippers generously. When the strippers finish and leave the stage, the customers realize they've been fleeced. The strippers had skillfully picked their pockets. Understandably pissed, the customers wait outside the club's back stage door for the strippers to come out. The cocky strippers exit the club and are angrily confronted by the customers, and a back alley wrestle fight is on. Insults are shouted. Pushing and shoving gets physical, and street clothes get ripped off. Steve Waye, Jason Crew, Brant Moore, and Kyle Aames attack each other in a back alley street fight free-for-all. All four wrestlers are young, smooth, and handsome. As they work up a hard fought sweat, the boys' testosterone levels spike and angry sex wrestling becomes aggressive sex play. Everybody gets rip stripped naked. Everybody gets groped and ass slapped. Everybody's cock gets sucked. And all four boys shoot big loads. The customers get their stolen bucks back, and leave the strippers beaten and humiliated. If you like your man-boys young, smooth, and good looking...Steve, Jason, Brant, and Kyle get rip stripped, work each other over, and treat you to four big loads of boy splurge. GREGGO: A night of simple, dirty fun erupts into an all out brawl when two generous, beautiful buddies settle in with pockets full of cash, only to become the unwitting victims of a pair of clever pickpockets. Tight, blonde, and beautiful Steve Waye and swarthy, Roman-nosed Kyle Aames are sensual, sweaty strippers writhing away on poles and in the laps of two very satisfied customers. But as these gents soon discover, there's more on the minds of these men than displaying impressive bulges and banging asses. Brant Moore is a man with the face of a boy, all callow youth and deep-set eyes, as he rewards the strippers for their unquestionable talents. His buddy, dark and dimpled Jason Crew, grins like a Cheshire Cat as he showers the pair with green. Ripped jeans grow tight, accompanied by glowing red lights and the throb of stimulating music. Each man is fully prepared to lavish his attention, and money, on the pair of equally beautiful strippers. But when the dancers are overcome by greed, things take a violent turn. Nimble fingers find their way into jean pockets, taking every last dollar from the dirty Johns. Steve and Kyle share a secret high five as they make their exits, having fully taken advantage of Brant and Jason. With men this strong and egos this large, there is only one solution when the money is discovered missing; an all out fight. Brant and Jason jump the unsuspecting strippers in the back alley outside of the club, but the tempting thieves are ready with a few moves of their own. Pushing and shoving escalates into a full-on wrestle fest with Brant and Jason's money on the line. One match at a time is the way it will go down, while the buddies cheer their comrades on. The first fighter to step forward is small and scrappy Steve Wayne, attired only in stretched red speedos and a pair of dirty white socks. Brant immediately loses his grin when he finds himself tangled in the tantalizing grip of the young, blonde stud. Steve wears a nasty smirk of his own as Brant is stripped, revealing a lithe, lean, natural musculature and mouth watering legs and feet. As the bigger man puts up a noble fight, so do his barely there silvery briefs, which struggle to contain his bulging manhood. Tanned, alluring abdominal contract sensually as he suffers under Steve's masterful manhandling and rough ball abuse, a punishment the smaller Steve clearly enjoys giving out. Jason watches shirtless, standing upright on his knees, lightly hairy chest exposed and heaving in anticipation of his own turn to tumble with a devious stripper. Across the mat from him is swarthy stripper Kyle, who finds the action so arousing he's literally forced to clutch his throbbing package protectively throughout the match. Almost better than the rough and tumble wrestling is the tension between the two spectators who can't stop trash-talking each other and shoving one another with every ounce of strength they possess, all while another fight rages on in the foreground. You can't help but feel that at any moment these two threatening spectators will snap and rip into each other as their aggression and fury unfurls. Jason and Kyle take turns spanking their enemies, staring each other down, and basically gearing up for a fight of their own until at last the two angst-filled bros finally go at it, wrestling in jeans and exacting punishing cradles, headlocks, and nasty sleepers. These two are a perfect match-up in height, weight, and cockiness, applying long, torturous stretches, all while taunting each other like kid brothers wrestling in the back yard. But this is no friendly tussle...there's money at stake, and the battle rages on until both men are completely stripped, humiliated, and moaning pathetically like little bitches. Once the clothes come off there is nothing holding these evenly-matched gladiators back. Kyle briefly pins Jason, shoving his gorgeous, high-bridged nose tauntingly into Jason's pale, sweat-streaked face. One aggressor is forced to resort to a full on ass-to-face smothering where the victim's muffled cries of agony can be heard. Not only is Steve a scrapper, he's got the mouth of a truck driver to boot. "That's right! Put him in the garbage like the piece of trash he is," the smallest competitor growls when it's his turn to watch. "Fuck him up!" In the middle of the fight we are treated to a fantasy sequence...a what-if? We see our two strippers now facing off in a fight of their own. The rolling, writhing, pinning action, if served up without the sound of trash-talking, would be enough to convince you the two fighters were making love, not war. When at last the fantasy winners emerge victorious, a simple matter of money seems less important than forcing the losers to first suck each other's cocks, then service the winners. The resulting scenario is a throat banging, hair pulling, dick slurping, face-straddling, abs caressing, tattoo displaying, cum-spewing explosion of dominance and submission, before we are returned to reality and the real fight. Will victims Jason and Brant get their money back? Or will devious Steve and Kyle win the day, and the dollar? Find out now, in STRIPPER PAYBACK.

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