Str8-Up Pro 1 DVD


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CAST: Z-Man, Nick Sparx

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 3/24/2019

Z-Man and Nick Sparx look like a nice, even match. Each man is cut, muscular, and close in size. Nick might have a bit more size on him, but both men dig into each other with a bitter, angry masculinity. They circle like warring giants, locking up and struggling for dominance with handsome faces snarling with rage. Z-Man introduces Sparx to the ropes, Sparx slides behind Z-Man and presses his forearm deep into his neck. Now it’s Z-Man’s turn to taste the rope.

Muscular bodies glossy with sweat...speedos outlining packages and butts...these bros battle with almost vengeful pressure. Z-Man clenches Sparx’s abdomen...Sparx flips himself to freedom. Sparx schoolboy pins Z-Man, then presses Z-Man’s knee to his own chin, exposing his ass in humiliating pain.

Soon Sparx is red with rage and dripping with sweat, which only emphasizes his beautiful muscular in glowing detail. Z-Man forces him to the floor, they grapple, pelvises grinding, fingers groping to strangle. Balls are pounded by bare feet, and booted legs figure four with fury! Two wrestlers with prime, muscular physiques doing what they do best in an even match-up. But who will reign supreme?

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