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CAST: Steve Sterling, Harley Grant, Pascal Lafayette, Rik Kamen, Tico, Ramon Villabos,


RELEASE DATE: 10/8/2003

Following the best seller success of "STEVE STERLING CONQUERS CANADA," Can-Am's muscle champ now demolishes five formidable new opponents in "STEVE STERLING'S INTERNATIONAL SUBMISSIONS" live-action-taped in Los Angeles. MATCH #1 Steve Sterling battles the spectacular 1995 Colt desk calendar cover model Harley Grant. Both musclehunks flex, sweat, and suffer heroically in a hard-fought body watcher's main event. Grant caves in to a back-breaking camel clutch, gets punished in a ring-rope crucifix, and painfully displayed in a double hammerlock choke hold. You'll love watching a very stubborn Steve Sterling finally submit to Grant's merciless Boston crab. MATCH #2 delivers French freestyle wrestling champ Pascal Lafayette to Sterling's flashy pro-wrestling demolition-style of submission suffering. Lafayette, vacationing in Los Angeles while attending pro-wrestling school, learns a brutal lesson in just how "fake" Steve Sterling's pro-style isn't in an inquisition spreadeagle that Lafayette will remember for a l-o-n-g time. MATCH #3 is a rodeo-style squash job in which young, blond Finland born Rik Kamen gets his passport stamped and stomped Steve Sterling style. Beat up, stripped naked, tied up, and worked over, Kamen endures the Sterling stomp bare-assed and hogtied. Bored with his easy victory... Steve applies the Sterling Sleeper and Kamen ends up out cold. MATCH #4 Sterling makes short sport out of a nasty-hot Italian studboy named Tico finishing him off brutally in two straight falls... the first with a Boston crab spinal adjustment, and the second with a tip-toe double hammerlock dance of pain. MATCH #5 is Sterling's toughest match to date with a massively muscled Latino terminator named Ramon Villalobos. Villalobos is Sterling's match both physically and in wrestling experience... and their titan struggle for control is awesome. This muscle god collision is as hot as hunkbash wrestling gets, and the in-ring / up-close camera work is as intimate to the action as you can get without being there. "STEVE STERLING'S INTERNATIONAL SUBMISSIONS" is destined to be the next best seller in the Can-Am championship video library, and essential to the Steve Sterling collector.

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