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CAST: Mathew Vannelli, Paolo Tarantino, Frederico Bulsara, Vilem Cage,


RELEASE DATE: 4/22/2002

Boss Sexton has long admired the darkly handsome men of Lucas Kazan’s lush video romps through the Italian countryside. So he wondered if Can-Am could join him on location in Sicily and put together a little wrestling romp with his exclusive studs. Kazan answered, “Si!” So Boss Sexton said “Ciao!” to his director and put him on the first flight for Italy. Sicilian Fight Circus is set at the largest gay club in Sicily, the Pegasos. Thousands of horny young Italians bump and grind the weekend away inside its actual circus tent disco - or relax by its supersized pool - before sneaking off into the acres of woods! All that horny energy makes for a great erotic wrestling setting, and who doesn’t love sultry Italian men? In the first scene, club DJ Matthias Vannelli is testing out some new lights and new tracks when stripper wanna-be Paolo Tarantino shows up to audition. Matthias is annoyed at the interruption, but poor Paolo has traveled for hours to strut his stuff, so he offers him the chance. Unfortunately, Paolo’s strip routine is stuck in 1978, and Matthias quickly shuts him down. But Paolo’s turned on by the hunky DJ, so if he can’t strip on stage, he suggests they both strip for a wrestling match. Matthias’s body is rock hard and cut, and Paolo is definitely a better wrestler than a dancer. He shows Matthias a couple of new grooves on the mats, but Matthias has a natural rhythm that makes up for his relative inexperience. The two tussle through three rounds of action before launching a couple of cum cannonball explosions. In scene two, Czech tourist Vilem Cage surprises the club’s maintenance man, Federico Bulsara, while he’s sweeping up the empty pool. Vilem is ready to swim and wants to know why the pool is empty. Frustrated Federico’s explanation that it’s November falls on deaf ears. Vilem doesn’t speak Italian. So Federico relies on the international language of the ball grab, which sets our two muscleboys in motion for one of the most animal-intense matches we’ve ever filmed. It’s loud, it’s action packed, it’s nasty - it’s caged heat unleashed. For the true wrestling fan, it’s a joy to watch. These two can’t mate, but you know they’re going to mark each other’s territory! Bravo!

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