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CAST: Sky Davis, Mason Black

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 11/10/2016

Sky Davis vs Mason Black

Boy-next-door Mason Black looks like a young army recruit, busting out some impressive pushups in his sexy red speedos. Enter tattooed terror Sky Davis, basically sex on a stick for the pale-skinned, artistic, Williamsburg-type affectionados. Both men are losers. Both losers must now fight their way to a contract, and redemption.

Wasting no time, they attack one another, teeth gritted, determination clearly written on their faces and in every move they make against one another. Legs are entangled, arms become ropes and restraints and tentacles for strangling, smothering, and stretching unnaturally. Chests are pounded, torsos are ridden like horses, and grunts and roars of anger, frustration, and glorious combative domination resound.

Davis mounts Black, squeezing him with impressive thigh muscles. Black scrambles to a place of security atop Davis’ back, gripping his powerful and artfully inked pec with one clenched fist and ripping his hair and head backwards with the other, revealing Davis’ beautiful face so strained with agony and anger.

“Bitch let go of my fuckin’ hair!” he roars.

“I wanna win, mutha fucker!” Black responds.

These guys are out for blood, which Davis proves by sitting on Black’s back, ripping his leg practically out of it’s socket, while crushing his balls with reckless abandon, and completing the agonizing combination with a Boston Crab.

This is so much more than just a wrestling match, this is a fight with desperation in it. Two guys at the very end of their rope with nothing to lose. Every second of this nasty, vengeful, vindictive battle is filled with ball crushing nastiness, hair pulling cattiness, and true brutality from two guys who know how to dish it out in screaming aggression.

One of the hottest and meanest matches we have ever filmed. Fuck!

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