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CAST: Gauge,Dante, Eric Reins, Justin Mycles,Caleb, Jeb Stuart, Jon Christian, Antonio Suave

DIRECTOR: Matt Thomas

RELEASE DATE: 9/30/2002

Sex Submissions takes the Can-Am/Jet Set muscle partnership to a whole new peak - or maybe we should call it an erupting volcano! You are treated to six, sexy Can-Am debuts, including the introduction of Gauge. Sure to be a heartbreaker for many of you fans, Gauge unleashes his raw power and masculinity all over his opponents. Plus, fan favorites Dante and Justin Mycles are back and both are using their big, meaty dicks in a brand new way! The intense loser-gets-fucked action starts out with Dante and babyfaced newcomer, Caleb. This is Caleb’s first wrestling match and he’s a little nervous. But Dante doesn’t mid showing him the ropes, and subjecting him to lots of pain! The only time Caleb gets the upper hand here is with a cheap shot to the balls - and you know Dante will make him pay for that. Dante wipes the mat with him for the final round and puts Caleb on his knees, so he can worship Dante’s big, pulsing dick. But a good blowjob is no longer enough to satisfy Dante when he wins. Now he wants to fuck. And Caleb is his first Can-Am victim. From the smile on his face, we think he liked losing.

Then Dante finds Jeb Stuart peeping through the door and Jeb learns what a thrashing is all about. Next up, Justin takes on bodybuilder Jon Cristian. These two are more evenly matched, but we promised Justin the ultimate prize if he won the match - and there was no way his dick would let him lose! Manly muscleboy Jon’s virgin ass is going down, and Justin has worked up an eye-popping load! No sooner had we finished wiping up the mats, when Gauge burst on the scene. We had heard he was a big, brawny bad-ass, and he definitely delivered! Up against the notorious “Dude Dorm’s” Eric Reins, he makes an impressive debut. Eric ends up humiliated and jerking off for Gauge - but he refused to give up his ass. Gauge was keyed up to power fuck, and you just don’t argue with Gauge. So we promised him a fuck, if he would take on one more opponent. Poor Antonio Suave had no idea what he was in for! Three painful rounds later, Antonio was on all fours taking the pounding of his life.

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