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CAST: Kriss Wood, JC, Derek Oliver Swift, Derek, Sammy Gee, Rush,


RELEASE DATE: 9/12/2005

From squash boy to star to producing his own videos, Jimmy Dean has come a long way in Boss Sexton's Can-Am wrestling empire. As both producer and videographer, JD delivers six wrestlers, three scenes, two bondage segments, and six cumshots in ROPIN' RUKUS. SCENE 1: Smooth, young, uncut, curly blond haired Oliver Swift goes up against bigger, heavier, gym bodied, good lookin' Derek. Resembling Can-Am and Zeus superstar Trenton Comeaux in looks and body, Derek's bull head tatoo just above his left nipple makes you want to chew on it. Derek calls Oliver a "little bitch," and Oliver calls Derek a "big bitch" and BAM!!!...they're at it. Oliver surprises bigger Derek by making him submit for the first fall. 2nd fall action heats up. Bikinis get ripped off. And Derek squeezes a bear hug submission out of Oliver. But Oliver surprises us again by choking Derek out cold winning the 3rd fall. Hunky Derek comes to tightly tied to a straight backed chair with electric cording. Cocky, young Oliver teases and taunts his captive while jacking off. Satisfied, jail bait looking Oliver frees Derek's right hand to beat his own bondage aroused cock to a splashy climax. SCENE 2: Nicely proportioned Kriss Wood geared in royal blue Speedos has his hands full with a very young looking, very slim JC wearing pouch packed light blue Unico briefs Who'd guess the skinny kid with the huge cock would dominate Kriss Wood? With a hard fought fall apiece, Kriss and JC decide to call it a draw and jack off together. Jimmy Dean's probing camera makes sure you enjoy every rock hard throb of little JC's big cock. SCENE 3: Non stop FURIOUS action! Both humpy and filthy mouthed Sammy G in skimpy orange bikinis, and Rush in bulging yellow trunks... beat each other relentlessly from their first lock up. Evenly matched, these two street wrestlers are determined to hurt each other. Watch Sammy stretch, yank and wedgie Rush's yellow trunks so far up his crack that it should have been his ass hole that submitted. Rush retaliates by choking Sammy out cold. Both bare assed, Rush spreadeagles and ties Sammy to a black leather couch before he comes to. Captive Sammy is pissed. Captor Rush enjoys Sammy's struggles and threats while taking his time to milk his load. Satisfied, Rush then allows Sammy to flush his nuts with ROPIN' RUKUS' biggest of six cumshots. Jimmy Dean delivers.

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