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CAST: Jordan, Danny, Shadow, Scott,


RELEASE DATE: 5/11/2004

This ain’t our first time at the rodeo, but all four of these new wrestlers looked a little perplexed when we threw some rope in the ring and said - “go to town!” But they soon got the hang of it! In match one, blond and lithe cutie Jordan takes on the dark and sturdy Danny in a fast paced roughhouse. Jordan gets bounced off the ropes and the mats, and Danny seems to totally dominate. But since Jordan’s tight body looks so good stretched out, we’re not sure you’ll be rooting for the underdog. With a final sleeper, Danny grabs that rope and trusses his prey up in the center of the ring. Jordan comes out of his haze to find his balls grabbed, his gut punched, and his ego thoroughly stomped. Danny wants to be jerked off and the threat of that humiliation or else getting a big dildo stuffed up his ass seals that deal. The two end up entwined with their hard ons, before finishing up solo with two nice gushers. When match two opens, Shadow is already trussed up and Scott wastes no time softening him up with body punching, nipple twisting and kneeing. Trouble is, Shadow isn’t softened up - he’s riled up. And after being untied, he aggressively goes after Scott. Taking the round, Scott finds himself twisted up in the ring ropes and getting a strong dose of his own body blow medicine. Later stripped bare, Scott’s balls get busted and that hot little ass is grass as Shadow relentlessly submits his way to an unequivocal victory. Demanding a hard on and a show from Scott, Shadow works his big dick up to a hot orgasm watching his buddy kneel and blow a nice load of his own. We think you’ll be roped in for the night!

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