Rope Motel

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: J.C., Joe Riley, Lincoln Lode, Mike Hunt, Steve Winger, Brad Kais

DIRECTOR: Jimmy Dean

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2005

Even if you don`t ordinarily get stripped down, wrestled around, tied up, and jacked off during your hotel stays, producer/director Jimmy Dean`s ROPE MOTEL shows you what that`s like to Lincoln Lode and Joe Riley, Mike Hunt and Steve Winger, and JC & Brad Kaiser in three separate ROPE MOTEL scenarios. Very hot Lincoln Lode and very hot Joe Riley strip down to jeans to wrestle-settle a squabble. These two hotbods are almost evenly matched muscle for muscle. Lincoln punishes Joe to a painfully reluctant full nelson first submission. Back for more Joe introduces Lincoln to rodeo bondage wrestling where both men bind one of their wrists to the same rope. Lincoln wears tiny green under briefs. Joe wears a pair of blue super pouch trunks. Lincoln gets hogtied and released. The two peel off their gear and get back at trashing their motel room bare assed. Lincoln wins the struggle and the squabble. Joe ends up hog tied. Both men blast off solo cum shots.
The 2nd motel room is trashed by Mike Hunt in very hot yellow stretch shorts and Steve Winger in tight green briefs after stripping down from jeans. Steve puts Mike out with a sleeper and dozes off. Mike comes to and hogties Steve while he sleeps. Steve is roughly awakened as Mike pounds and punches his hogtied prisoner. Mike frees Steve and the battle continues. The trunks come off. And Mike ultimately wins the struggle putting Steve out with a leg choke hold. Both jocks jack off...but wait`ll you see Mike Hunt`s huge gusher of thick, pure white, whipped sperm cream. Very impressive.
ROPE MOTEL`S third actioner could be called David and Goliath. David would be slim young lightweight JC. Goliath would be big black bodybuilder Brad Kaiser. This struggle is more playfull than the first two. Your surprise is that David surprises Goliath by actually out wrestling him. Choked out cold, Goliath wakes up to find himself bound and restrained to a chair. In full control, lightweight David delights in teasing and punishing his helpless Goliath. Pounding and punching and humiliating a man "twice his weight" is David`s idea of a good time. David agrees to free his black bodybuilder prisoner if Goliath will give him a blow job. And yes, Goliath sucks David`s dick....and both men blast off gushers.
Jimmy Dean delivers non stop hot bondage wrestling action and six cumshots in ROPE MOTEL.

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