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RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2014

Bobby Blake is the boy next door. Cute, charming, in too-tight yellow Speedos...and he can't do sit-ups for shit! Rico Dinero is an olive-skinned, tattooed tenderfoot in hot black Speedos, but he's learning his way around the ring... especially since Cameron Matthews beat the piss out of him in Rookie Beatdown 2. Rico and Bobby just came to the ring to work out, when Matthews himself appears in a slinky black and white striped "referee" Speedo that makes his ass and sizable package sing. Matthews is a phenomenon in the wrestling world, part boyish hunk, park masochistic, manly gladiator. One would never expect from looking at that puerile grin that he's planning your destruction deep down inside. Matthews feeds on aggression, immediately starting in on Bobby for his inability to do proper sit-ups, only to start in on Rico immediately afterward for mouthing off. But Matthews has a plan for these two unsuspecting clowns. "Day One... Pro Wrestling Academy," says Matthews. "You guys are gonna spar... you know, wrestle... each other." If you've ever fantasized about controlling two fighters like puppets, forcing them to tear into each other while you watch, or tearing into them yourself, this is the match that will make you explode. Rico and Bobby, pressured, start in on each other, but too tentatively for Matthews, who decides to show them both how it's done. Against the rope ab abuse, raging front and read headlocks, and agonizing ball abuse. Matthews beats on one guy while the other struggles to recover, sometimes forcing them out of the action, sometimes encouraging them to jump in and make mincemeat out of the other guy. Matthews exacts punishments on the guys when they don't respond to his orders quickly enough. "Pin him!" Matthews barks at Rico while Bobby lies limp. Not fast enough... so Matthews seizes Rico and puts him in a painful backbreaker. Perhaps the hottest part of this trio or torment is boyish Bobby Blake, so confused, so innocent, and so afraid to go over to the dark side. It's like watching a perfectly nice guy forced to become the school bully one twisted move at a time. Hair pulling, sleeper holds, camel clutches with sweat streaming down toned and tanned chests. It's one miserable hold after another, until both boys end up in a moaning, twisted, body entangling double Boston crab. At times both Rico and Bobby are intrigued by the scenario, quietly pleading with the master to allow them to do some damage to the other guy... sometimes looking out for each other. It's the hunger games at Can-Am as Matthews demands more and more aggression from each man. But there is only one ultimate master today, and that is Cameron Matthews.

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