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CAST: Larry Janson, Skip Roberts,


RELEASE DATE: 2/19/2010

With the huge success of RODEO WRESTLING ONE starring Paul Perris and Can-Am`s most popular muscleboy Skip Roberts, Boss Sexton has matched killer handsome Roberts with ultra hot Larry Janson for RODEO WRESTLING TWO/Strap Match.

If in-your-dreams good looking muscleboys tying each other up and beating each other up pushes your buttons..... RODEO WRESTLING TWO is gonna PUSH you over the edge. In crotch-bulging baby blue trunks Skip wastes no time going after Larry wearing crotch-bulging peach trunks in nonstop muscle bashing strap match action. All the while taunting and bad mouthing each other, Larry calf-ropes Skip`s wrists and ankles together over his head punishing and forcing the first fall submission.

Skip roars back with a series of bondage positions in which Larry is helpless against the barrage of body blows that weaken him to a second fall submission. With one fall each, it`s muscleboy against muscleboy as Skip and Larry rope-bind and punish each other with Skip finally taking the fall and the pro match win. But Skip`s not done with Larry`s punishment. Throwing Larry over his shoulder, Skip dumps his dazed muscle opponent into the oil pit for more rodeo match agony.

But to Skip`s surprise, Larry rallies and the fight continues with Larry forcing Skip`s submission for the first oil pit fall. The action, the duo determination, and the muscle punishment escalates as the muscleboys fight for this Strap Match victory. Which muscleboy wins is yours to find out when you get this video.... and get this video you must. Boss Sexton delivers BIGtime with RODEO WRESTLING TWO.

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