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CAST: Alexander, Darien Shields

DIRECTOR: Andre Tardiff

RELEASE DATE: 5/14/2020

From the Vault....

Rodeo Sex Fight featuring Alexander vs Darien Shields.

Why this one sat in the vault for as long as it has is a mystery to Boss Sexton. A random camera master tape for a long time ago found it's way to the Bossman's desk and once he looked at the footage wondered where it came from. An investigation concluded that the tape had been lost which meant the rest of the camera master's sat in the vault with no possibility for release... without the missing footage.

Imagine our good luck that the lost tape was recovered. This is one very sexy match with two very sexy, into each other fighters. Filmed years ago in Montreal with two of our favorite French strippers... these boys rope each other up, kiss, suck, and fuck their way through what we think is one of the hottest Montreal products we've ever offered. Check out the free trailer and decide for yourself.

A complete description will be posted soon... but the trailer speaks for itself!

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