Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Mark Wolff, Vince Rockland,


RELEASE DATE: 9/26/2008

Gentlemen, consider this video a body watchers` ultimate match up gift from Boss Sexton. Go ahead and dial 800-603-5109 while you finish reading that this video delivers porn`s undisputed crown prince and body beautiful Vince Rockland... fantasy matched with Can-Am`s Vancouver studio manager and body beautiful Mark Wolff. Watching duo sex gods Rockland and Wolff work, sweat, and delight in punishing each others` in-your-dreams bodies is muscle erotica at its hottest. First geared in matching metallic crotch-shorts, Rockland in gold, and Wolff in silver..... and later bikinied with Rockland in turquoise, and Wolff in peach...... musclebody watching gets considerably better when shorts, bikinis, and modesty disappear. Making listening to as hot as watching this video.... these two musclemen grunt, groan, suffer, and gloat all the while bad mouthing each other and verbally challenging each other`s pain threshold. Brutal and endless give-and-take muscle punishment never slows down. Equally famous in their own worlds..... equally beautiful..... evenly matched.... comrads in cum shots... and you still want to know who wins? $34 bucks buys your answer and one of Boss Sexton`s most inspired muscle matchups. If ever there was a near perfect example of jack-off body poetry in erota wrestling..... it`s ROCKLAND VS WOLFF.

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