Pro Stud Fights 2


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CAST: Austin Cooper, Ethan "Axel" Andrews, Z-Man

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 5/11/2015

When it comes to the good old days, Austin Cooper and Ethan "Axel" Andrews have slightly different memories of how things went down. Cooper remembers kicking Axel's ass in high school wrestling. Axel remembers Cooper being much smaller than he is now. But the past is the past, and it's time for these studs to go at it here and now. This match is laced with the almost erotic energy of a long-standing, friendly that doesn't prevent these guys from kicking the shit out of each other.

Ethan "Axel" Andrews is something of a wrestling legend. With his boyish good looks, and his slippery wrestling style, he's the guy to keep an eye on. Lean and slim as he may be, he knows how to put the hurt on his opponent. He also knows how to take punishment like a champ, suffering like a bitch in imprisoning holds that emphasize his ass and armpits, making him struggle like a guy getting fucked for the very first time.

Austin Cooper is bigger, buffer, and well-defined, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Cooper likes to throw his weight around, pressing his muscular pecs into Axel's more natural physique, while wrapping him up in arms that long to be licked. This is a give-and-take match, each man putting the hurt on the other. Axel locks his long, rope-like legs around Cooper's neck, twisting and pressing hard until Cooper moans in agony. Cooper manages to force his weight upon the slimmer stud, pinning him quickly, only to find himself in yet another long-held head-scissor that blossoms into a reverse figure four.

"Let's go," Cooper grunts. "I've had enough bullshit!"

Suddenly they're raging at each other like stallions in heat, crushing each other around the ring, inflicting painfully revealing spladles, neck cracking headlocks, and tantalizing taunts that can only come from the mouths of two longtime friends/foes.

The floor work is serious, both guys kicking and rolling from one end of the mat to the other. Backbreakers, agonizing rope torture, and well-earned submissions are just a few of the semi-erotically charged moves executed in this friendly matchup.

"Now your shoulders are definitely down," the winner crows over the loser's fallen frame. "One through ten!"

Later, Austin Cooper happens upon the one and only Z-Man. The well-known prettyboy is one hell of a wrestler, but Cooper's not too impressed.

"I hope you're just warming up," Cooper laughs, pointing to the weight Z-Man is pumping. "That's some light weight there. Put the baby weight down, let's get in here."

Into the ring they tumble, all smiles for the time being. Within an instant Z-Man finds himself at the receiving end of a backbreaker that makes him just vulnerable enough for Cooper to wrap a nasty rope around his neck. Little does Cooper know, that rope works on him too. Z-Man recovers and finds his revenge, tying the challenger's legs together and cranking his arms backwards in a nasty hold that has the punished panting and moaning like a guy on the bottom end of a good, hard dicking.

A series of lifts and slams gives way to the taste of real competition, as these guys beat and batter each other from one end of the ring to the other. Z-Man's flawless abs seem to catch the light as Cooper's impressive arms inflict one painful hold after another. It's not long before Cooper finds himself wrapped up in the real ropes of the wrestling ring, taped to them in fact...receiving one brutal blow to the abs after another. Z-Man attacks with a malevolent grin, before slapping a sleeper on the trapped Cooper. Like in any even match, the table turn and turn again, making it nearly impossible to guess the outcome of this gritty grudge-match.

These guys are evenly matched, but only one will walk out of the ring unassisted. Two outstanding fights. Three outstanding fighters.

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