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It's Can-Am exclusive Aryx Quinn's smack mouth to his opponent A.J. Irons before their first hookup that puts this fight fuck match into perspective. True, it's impossible not to agree that jack-off-hot A.J. Irons looks like a gorgeous smaller version of Rio Garza. A.J. could be Rio's little brother. Aryx starts his verbal attack about A.J. being smaller and lesser than Rio. A smaller Rio? That can't be a bad thing. You'll be happy to know that Aryx totally and completely destroys baby Rio physically and sexually. Referring to A.J.'s perfect ass, Aryx repeats "That's gonna be mine. That's gonna be mine." But before A.J. gets fucked, A.J. gets the beating of his life. Truly sadistic Aryx Quinn truly enjoys torturing A.J. "Gimme what's mine." he demands. "I'm gonna keep coming for it until you give it to me." "Never!"... A.J. retorts. Damn this is good stuff. As A.J.'s suffering escalates to biblical proportions..Aryx asks "Do you want to end this (torture)?" A.J. groans the negative and his suffering continues. Ok. Ok. The fuck. Aryx beats A.J. unconscious, slathers him with oil, strips A.J.'s perfect body, sucks his stiff cock, rims his virgin-like boy hole, then fucks him hard. Over and over. "Ready to get hurt?" Aryx pants as he rolls A.J. over to fuck him this way and that. Beautiful camera work and beautiful lighting adds stunning reality to this not-to-be-missed fuck scene, and entire video. PRO SEX FIGHTS will make your dick very very happy.

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