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CAST: Michael Vineland, Tyler Ford

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2014

Caramel-skinned Michael Vineland is a true specimen, from his flawless pecs, abs, torso, and arms, to his deep set, stunning eyes staring you down. He's a stud, a superhero, and he's been master of the pro fuck-stakes wrestling genre since the very beginning. Pacing the ring like a tiger, displaying that impeccable ass in a sleek yellow speedo, he's ready for his next opponent, in this, the pro sex fighting ring. Tension is high as tough, taught, totally hot 23 year old Tyler Ford steps into the ring in pair of too-tight, red speedos and matching boots. These two seem almost amused by the others audacity in stepping into the ring at all. It's all smiles and laughter, until the first lockup. The taller they are, the louder the fall. Tyler Ford stands at an impressive 6'0", while Vineland towers at a broad 6'2". The camera cranes upward at these amorous titans, locked in combat, neither one wanting to be the others ass boy. It's not long before Vineland has Ford in a glorious backbreaker, stroking and stimulating his unwilling cock right through his shiny red speedos. "What do we have here?" Vineland teases while Ford moans in agony...or ecstasy. Vineland waits for the punished punk to return the favor, but not before he succeeds in entangling him in the ropes, legs spread wide, so he can slide his searching fingers down his speedos to inflict some serious, sensual ball torture, reminding us that this is about sexual dominance, not just bragging rights. Bear hugs, ab abuse, cruel wedgies and spanking. Vineland means to own Ford, stroking that tight, tempting torso... but first he wants to hear him beg like a bitch. Only Ford has some ideas of his own, stripping Vineland of his Speedos and returning every bit of ball torture he received ten fold, this time with Vineland's manhood fully exposed! A favor Vineland quickly repays. Now the real fun begins, as a series of skillful wrestling moves are exacted upon completely nude, and stunningly sexy pieces of royal man meat. Suddenly all the moaning and groaning that comes with a normal wrestling match is most definitely both agonizing and erotic. This is pro wrestling as the ancient Greeks would have done it. Armpit smothering, nude pile drivers, and get ready for the hottest ball-groping shoulder carry ever to grace the rings at Can-Am..."I won," the winner gloats over the losers limp frame, effortlessly switching gears from dominating beast to sexy beast and sealing his victory with a long, passionate kiss. Considering how fiercely they fought, it's almost surprising how tenderly they express their passions. Nipple play... long, luxurious body stroking sessions, and a blow job so simple and sensual in it's execution, your cock will be throbbing for release from start to finish. Both cocks gloriously engorged, these pros stand tall and kiss ferociously, until it's time for the claiming of the ultimate prize. Which of these exquisite asses will get plowed? Which of these marble statue stunners will fall to his hands and knees and take it like the man he is? One thing's for sure, the pleasure is all ours.

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