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CAST: Michael Vineland, Hayden Richards, Kirs Jamieson, Jobe Zander,


RELEASE DATE: 9/4/2013

Stakes Match... cash and ass. Three fighters enter the ring, rach with $500 bucks in cash. All three have already agreed to the rules... lose two falls and get fucked in the ass. Ultimate winner walks away with the cash $1500. Jobe Zander has been hired by the fighters to keep it all fair and square. What could possibly go wrong? Hayden Richards in the green and yellow Speedo, Jet Set Exclusive Kris Jamieson in blue, and resident badass Michael Vineland in red. Vineland is HUGE and looks like a giant beside these two fighters. Jobe collects the bucks from each of them and confirms the rules as agreed.... then signals for the bell. While both Hayden and Kris are skilled and muscled - they appear to be out of their comfort zone and might have taken on the beast in Vineland. VIneland is prepared to do whatever it takes to bring home the money and dirty tactics are no exception. Taking his time to inflict as much punishment as possible Vineland works both boys one at a time incapacitating one to work on the other until they regain some strength and then vice versa. Absolutely beautiful to watch the suffering muscles of Hayden and Jamieson while Vineland systematically destroys them. Jamieson loses the first fall but its not over as Vineland immediately moves on to Hayden scooping him up and bodyslamming him hard into the mat a couple times has Hayden in lala land. Vineland continues this back and forth with these two "victims"until he pins Hayden making it one and one losses for each of them. One more loss from either of the two will have them getting slammed in the ass by the giant. While Vineland decides which of the two pretty boys he wants to fuck, the two of them come up with a plan to bribe the ref but have to get Jobe to go along with their plan. $1000 bucks can go a long way in the hands of a dirty player like Jobe.... who from this point on seems to be blind to all the double teaming and dirty plays dished out by Hayden and Kris. We'll admit that the sight of the giant being taken down and double teamed punished is hot, but that doesn't stop these two from using every erotic hold they can muster up. Vineland is fucking gorgeous and his huge muscles are of no use at this point as he is overwhelmed by the nonstop barrage of holds and punishment to his manhood. Does Vineland manage to take control again? Or do Hayden and Kris continue until they get two more falls out of Vineland. Who wins? You do cause it just keeps getting hotter until the final fuck... which by the way was directed by Chris Steel.

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