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CAST: Jimmy Clay, Tyler Ford, Michael Vineland, Tyler Saint James, Derek Fox, Drake Wild, Kris Jamieson, Hayden Richards

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton, Chris Steele, Tony Biscotti

RELEASE DATE: 5/14/2020

Are you interested in just the sex? Well, this one's for you. A little bit of wrestling then all of the sex from each of these six popular titles...
From Pro Sex Fight 7:
Jimmy Clay and Tyler Ford
From Pro Sex Fight 8:
Michael Vineland and Tyler Siant James
From Pro Sex Fight 9:
Derek Fox and Michael Vinneland
From Pro Sex Fight 10:
Tyler Saint James and Drake Wild
From Pro Sex Fight 11:
Derek Fox and Tyler Saint James
From Pro Sex Fight 12:
Kris Jamieson, Michael Vineland, and Hayden Richards
Six fucking hot sex scenes. We dare ya to get through the entire film in one sitting!

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