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CAST: Donnie Drake, Rio Garza, Trevor Mathews,


RELEASE DATE: 2/22/2011

A killer hot Can-Am pro muscle agony meat beater times XXX THREE! From Match One's very start...Rio Garza and Donnie Drake brow your minds with the most salacious agonizing hot body squash match featuring gorgeous Garza as Drake's jobber muscle boy. Boss Sexton's final words of instruction before Drake entered the ring must have been "Hurt...torture....and humiliate Rio Garza TOTALLY". Beautiful Rio gets twisted, tortured, and turned every way but loose. Over and over again. In Match Two... Trevor Matthews makes Donnie Drake work much harder he had to in Match One. Matthews and Drake are both very good pro wrestlers. They know how to deliver hard core pro action. And how to take hard core pro action punishment. They give and take with passion. They give great mutual insult smack mouth. They both suffering spectacular muscle exhibition punishment holds. This is jack-off caliber gay muscle pro action. But double grip your cock. Both wearing baby blue bikinis...both with beautiful bodies and faces...both Trevor and Rio will detonate your will power in Match Three.OMG...these two heart breakers break each other down and wear you out as they punish and manhandle each others' fantasy bodies to your heart's content...while making Boss Sexton very happy delivering to you gay muscle pro wrestling at its very best. You will want PRO BASH TRIPLE THREAT for your permanent collections.

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