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CAST: Todd Klinck, John Thor, Golden Eagle, Kent Casey,


RELEASE DATE: 2/21/2005

NORTHERN EXPOSURE takes you outdoors into the woods for most of the action. The HARD WOOD part of the title belongs to the four guys Boss Sexton delivers for your sexual wrestling enjoyment. Asleep in a hammock, Kent Casey is awakened and hassled by buddy Todd Klinck. Some good natured challenge talk is exchanged and they head for an outdoor wrestling mat. Both wearing baggy shorts, Kent and Todd have natural well toned bodies, and are close to the same size and weight. Between grunts and groans, the boys exchange insults and pants each other as the action heats up. Kent takes the first fall and suggests they continue in the barn. Inside they oil each other up and are back at it until Todd forces a submission mashing Kent's face into the mat with a prone full nelson. With a fall apiece, sucking each others' cocks seems like more fun than wrestling. So it's a tie match with two cum shots. Nearby muscle hunk Golden Eagle is pissed at Can-Am veteran hotbody Thor for not doing his share of chopping wood. Both studs wear shorts and T shirts until Eagle strips Thor and makes him chop wood naked. Thor refuses to work and soon it's muscle grinding against muscle. Eagle's a big bodybuilder. Thor's a lighter weight body beautiful. Eagle carries Thor to the outdoor mat. They oil each other up and down. Eagle easily manhandles smaller Thor, face slapping and humiliating him. Thor fakes being hurt and surprise attacks Eagle's previously injured knee. Thor is on Eagle's screaming knee like a pit bulldog. They punish each other endlessly until they spot Todd and Kent spying on them from behind trees. Eagle and Thor drag Todd and Kent back to the mat and trash bash both of them. Eagle uses wrist restraints to secure Todd against a tree, while Thor takes Kent to an abandoned shack and leashes him on the ground by the neck. Both muscle studs make their captives suck their cocks, then cum on them, and leave them helpless in the woods. Later we catch up with Eagle and Thor in a laundry room thoroughly enjoying mutual muscle worship. The muscle show continues in the shower; then moves to the tub as they jack each other off, with both blowing huge pent up spooge shots. Starring two naturally toned bodies, and two decidedly muscular bodies, NORTHEN EXPOSURE - HARD WOOD covers a lot of hard body fantasy. Order up!

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