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CAST: Michael Vincenzo, Sky Donovan, Michael Soldier, Rik Jammer, Aaron Tanner,


RELEASE DATE: 8/5/2002

Fetish Sex Fights holds a special place in many a Can-Am fan’s heart. It was the ultimate in erotic wrestling with a hard sexual edge. We say “was” because Nasty Sex Fights takes Can-Am to a new pinnacle! Co-produced with our friends at San Francisco’s Raging Stallion Studios, episode one, Ass Whipped, is sure to take you to new heights of your own! Match one features current Zeus Boy of the Year, Sky Donovan, against the darkly sexual Michael Soldier. Outfitted in shiny rubber shorts, these two battle like animals in heat fighting over a bitch. Except one of them is going to end up being the bitch. Neither one wants that, so the action keeps getting pushed one step further. Sky stretches Michael out, so Michael sticks a finger in Sky’s asshole and uses it like a handle. Michael pins Sky’s arms with his knees, so Michael bites his dick. At which point, Michael puts a real choke hold on Sky’s balls and threatens to pull them off. You will absolutely believe he was serious when you see Sky’s next reaction. A bit later, a forced kiss leads to mutual cocksucking, deep rimming, and an explosive cum shot facial! Match two should be called “Camouflage Cocks” as Aaron Tanner and Rik Jammer duel it out in army fatigues. Aaron dominates the action through much of the round and uses every submission hold to torture or slap Rik’s exposed crotch and ass. Finally Aaron decides its time to really open up Rik’s ass and he jackhammer fucks Rik to explosion. Match three brings back Sky and pits him against another sultry sex toy - massive dicked Michael Vincenzo. Sky’s first match taught him a few tricks about wrestling and he manages to dominate the more muscular Vincenzo for the first part of the round. But eventually Vincenzo learns a trick of his own: Sky crumbles fast when faced with a mouth watering dick! He gets the upper hand and quickly benefits from Sky’s talented tongue. He returns the favor, but he really wants Sky’s ass and fucks him hard. But Sky will not stay down. He reverses and fucks Vincenzo, too! And the intensity doesn’t stop until one of them cums twice! Take yourself to the hard-action, sex-drenched peak with Nasty Sex Fights!

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