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CAST: Sky Davis, Santiago Santos

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 9/21/2016

“What the fuck are you wearing?”

Two men. One mat. They can’t both wear red trunks. Toned and tatted tightbody Sky Davis will see to that. Hot Davis looks like a Williamsburg hipster recently relocated to Portland, complete with manbun/pony combo and annoying self absorption. His opponent? Sexy Santiago Santos, who wears the classic red trunks well, displaying a stunning “V” shape the flawlessly outlines his abdominal muscles.

Before they can even establish a set of rules, these red-trunked titans are locking up and trash talking like pros. Santos takes a tumble, while Davis struts like a rooster around the matspace, before going to town on Santos’ legs. Watch as those tatted pecs inflate with every pain-inflicting breath the bigger man takes.

Looks like it’s gonna be a bitchfight, as Davis resorts to kicking, ball crushing, horseback riding, and taunting Santos with his banging ass. Rolling bearhugs, Boston crabs, brutal leg scissors, and a killer sleeper hold put this fight for the red trunks to rest once and for all, but who will win the right to don the red? Wait and see, in this sweaty, sexy collision of two very different fighters!

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