Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Jay Jornter, Nova Orca,


RELEASE DATE: 10/25/2007

This is a scalding hot series of mini-stories featuring skintight, body molding rubber wear! Story One: Monster Trap...Jay's come to take a swim in the lake. As he stretches out and warms up, he doesn't notice the mysterious man in black rubber eyeing him from offshore. Finding the water too cold for just his trunks, Jay slips into a tight wetsuit and swim boots, then wades into the water. He doesn't get far before the rubber-clad monster overtakes him! They grapple and struggle at water's edge and soon Jay finds himself actually getting into it. He quickly comes to his senses, though, and breaks away. He runs through the woods but is eventually taken down, hooded, bound, bagged and stuffed into the trunk of a car! Emerging into a rubberized version of Hell, Jay spends the next several hours chloroformed, tied up, masked, fucked, stroked, ass-plugged and forced to cum! Story Two: Captured...clad in the skimpiest of spandex bicycling attire, Jay is bound standing as his keeper cruelly torments him. Story Three: Cumming In The Woods...jogger Jay stops for a rest as horniness overtakes him. Just his luck, a strange rubber-suited man is there to jerk him off. Jay returns the favor, taking a big mouthful of cock! Story Four: Motorcycle Bitch...two rubber-covered men in shiny motorcycle helmets get rough and tough with each other, all for our pleasure! Story Five: Wetsuit Introduction...Jay preens in front of the bedroom mirror, modeling his very first rubber wetsuit and gas mask. As he admires himself, another rubber-encased man shows up to show him how to really enjoy the experience!

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