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CAST: Derek Cruz, Brodie Sinclair, Stewart Wellington, Claudio Cassinelli,


RELEASE DATE: 10/24/2007

Sergeant Wellington and his Privates are suited up in fatigues and now it’s time to hit the locker room for some physical fitness training. First Sarge puts the grunts through a series of fundamental calisthenics; twenty-five each of jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups. The simplest exercises are sometimes the hardest and a couple of these burly toughguys are struggling through those last couple of crunches. No self-respecting military man can tolerate such a lack of discipline! To further their corporal training, Sarge orders them to wrestle each other…and him! Executing a basic series of holds and body punches, each eventually manages to control the other, until the shirts come off and they’re grappling bare-chested. Bulging muscles pulse with sweat and strain as they battle each other for dominance. Seemingly satisfied with their progress, Sarge orders them to suit up into skintight lycra swim shirts and briefs for water exercises. Before they can hit the pool, however, he dares Privates Cruz and Brody to a personal match between the three of them. Can they take him down? They'll sure try! At the end of the day, it’s time for these exhausted soldiers to hit the showers. Each takes his turn blowing off the tensions of the day by stroking out a fat load of cum!

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