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CAST: Brian Maxon, Billy Marcus (Billy Herrington),


RELEASE DATE: 2/1/2007

Gentlemen... for the multitudes that have purchased MUSCLE FANTASIES 1 & 2 "WORSHIP" and "WRESTLERS" (preview offered)..... introducing and starring muscle god Billy Marcus, you`ve instantly established him as Can-Am`s latest muscle king. And if there was ever a muscle match made in heaven, it`s got to be Maximum Maxon VS Musclegod Marcus. It`s also West Coast Maxon VS East Coast Marcus and the bi-coastal bad mouthing never stops. Testing and sparring with each other, the musclestuds both wear second-skin tights with tops that disappear as quickly as the ball grabbing begins. Though evenly matched, Maxon punishes Marcus to a first fall submission with a prone full nelson back breaker. Second fall gear shows off Maxon`s stud missile in light green bikinis, and Billy`s bubble-licious butt in peach bikinis that Maxon`s hand always seems to be down inside of squeezing Billy`s bare balls. But bodybuilder Billy presses Maxon up across his massive shoulders and extracts a stubborn submission out of Maxon with a cross shoulder torture rack. Both aggressively naked for the third fall.... seasoned pro Maxon sadistically concentrates on Billy`s gladiator chest with a brutally prolonged pex punching session that weakens Billy for a match win choking back breaker that puts him out cold. "Welcome to Maxonland" declares Brian as he flexes and victory poses over Billy. Now it`s welcome to jack-off-land as both bodybeautifuls suck you into their fantasies and pump you off duo gushers that make MAXON VS MARCUS an absolute must for your collection. Can-Am`s "Nothing Looks Better" motto must have been conjured with MAXON VS MARCUS in mind.

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