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CAST: Brian Maxon, Jimmy Dean,


RELEASE DATE: 2/1/2007

What kind of mat action do you get when Can-Am boss Ron Sexton matches Toronto's notorious badboy Jimmy Dean against musclehunk squash master Brian Maxon? You get a world class bubble butt street punk with a "fuck you" attitude thinking he can survive a musclestud punk buster with a "suck this" meat cannon that would choke a horse. Gentlemen, MAXON vs. DEAN is the most salacious cock-is-king squash match to come from Can-am's Los Angeles studios to date. They don't come any more handsome or more massively hung than Brian Maxon... and they don't come any cockier or more deservingly squashable than Jimmy Dean. With great cross banter..... Maxon mocks Jimmy Dean as a loser sausage boy who's going to be force fed Maxon's massive "Oscar." Muscular Maxon wrestles in a bulging purple "T" back. Buttboy Dean wrestles in a white "T" back. With this match's falls blurring into a series of prolonged and agonized forced submissions.... Jimmy Dean's amazing pain threshold and determined stubborness provide some of the hottest, sweatiest, sexiest punishment squash action you've ever seen. When Jimmy Dean peels Brian Maxon's sweat-wet trunks off, Brian makes Jimmy wear them as a nose jock. When Jimmy Dean suffers and finally caves into one of many Brian Maxon submission holds, Brian prolongs the agony and forces Jimmy to stubbornly whimper "I submit, SIR!" When Jimmy tries every dirty trick he knows to beat the odds, Brian brutally force feeds his massive cock into Jimmy's stretched-to-the-Maxon mouth. Brian Maxon's cock is NEVER soft, and Jimmy Dean's mouth is NEVER more than inches away from it. Finally cock beaten, cock humiliated, and cock overwhelmed.... maximum Maxon makes a reluctantly subservient Jimmy Dean suck-worship every sweaty muscle on his body. Then resting comfortably sitting on Jimmy Dean's face... Maxon milks his massive meat.... and detonates "Oscar" all over sausage boy's chest. And guess what? Toronto's "fuck you" attitude punk shoots all over himself..... simultaneously! Gentlemen, boss Sexton has priced this killer hot meat beater at $29 bucks. TWENTY-NINE BUCKS! Don't buy this video and your cock will hate you forever.

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