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CAST: Brian Maxon, Kyle McKenna,Andrew Lennox, Jack Simmons,


RELEASE DATE: 11/30/2007

MAXIMUM MAXON firmly established awseome-bodied Brian Maxon as a Can-Am Superstar, so we brought him back to punish and sexually dominate three more victims. Maxon is as verbal as ever, naming these mats "Maxon's World". But perhaps this time, one of these opponents has a surprise for Mr. Maxon? In match one, Kyle McKenna takes a brutal series of pec and ab punches, and a series of painful submission holds. In one of those holds he starts to worship Maxon's armpit, so you have to wonder if McKenna is rallying to fight, or rallying to take more punishment! Match two brings on Aussie Andrew Lennox. It's a good thing he's from down under, since that's where he continually ends up! In sexy rubber gear, Lennox's dick is hard and sticking out even through the arm scissoring and brutal stretching Maxon puts him through. But clearly Lennox likes American meat as he takes on Maxon's super-cock with relish. Just when you think "Maxon's World" can't be rocked, Jack Simmons evens things up a bit in match three. Maxon is stronger, but Simmons can fight dirty, at one point binding a bewildered Maxon's hands behind his back with the remnants of his shirt. That gets Maxon mad, and soon Simmons is literally eating his own shorts as Maxon surfboards him. But in round three, Simmons manages to put Maxon out in a sleeper and grabs a condom, exposing that never-seen-the-light-of-day asshole. Is this it for super-top Maxon? Will he finally get fucked, or will he rally and fuck Simmons into tomorrow? Watch and find out. Either way, this video delivers the hard-bodied fight and fuck action to make you even harder.

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