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CAST: Scott Summers, Zeke West

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 9/21/2016

Zeke West is a big piece of man with pecs and a back built like a well-seasoned farmhand who has been hoisting bales of hay all summer long. The sight of gorgeously tattooed and muscled Scott Summers makes him grin from ear to ear. How could it not? Summers is adorable, like a kid fresh out of the strip club used to conquering on the dance floor instead of the ring. As these two uniquely built young guys collide, it’s clearly going to be a fun, playful fight.

The sheer pleasure of watching these differently built yet equally strong scrappers take each other down is matched only by their total determination. Different as they are, they battle like bros, with back-and-forth trash talk, dares, and sweaty punishment holds.

Summers surprised West with a leg scissor that somehow manages to migrate up to the bigger man’s neck. Soon West’s chest and face are glistening with sweat, his breathing labored, and Summers’ powerful thighs only seem to grow stronger with each strenuous minute that passes. West arches his back, strains, and finally gives in what might be one of the longest-held single holds we’ve ever filmed. The camera passes over West’s weakened, panting bod, breathing so raggedly, like a lover just seconds after climaxing.

Next it’s a gut punching fight, as these adorable dudes test the metal of each other’s abs that leaves each man groaning in agony on his knees in alternating shifts. Soon we’re back to fighting like cats, in a delightfully back-and-forth exchange of strength and stamina that concludes with an armpit smothering backbreaker that leaves one fighter down for the count!

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