Mat Muscle Match 1

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Cody Cummings, Zeke West

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 6/30/2016

Bask in the glory of internet sensation Cody Cummings, as he bounces around our darkened locker room like a boxer about to beat the shit out of somebody. This dude is built like a superhero with massive pecs, arms and thighs. Crammed into a tight yellow Speedo, he doens’t even blink with gigantic Zeke West appears in an ocean blue Speedo. There’s a big height difference between these two soft-spoken studs. West practically casts a shadow over Cummings, but Cummings doesn’t think height can trump strength, and the two muscle studs lock fingers in a test of strength that has Cummings practically on his tiptoes to meet West half way.

West succeeds in forcing a grunting, groaning Cummings to the mat, as his gloriously big body catches the light. Cummings returns the favor in his own fashion, kneeing the taller dude and driving him to the mat with a crash like a tree in the woods.

On the floor, these men mesh thighs and feet, squeezing and locking ankles until they’re both writhing in alternating fits of pain and pleasure. The sight of their glowing, strapping bodies hard at work and woven together like thread is a complete and total privilege to watch.

West manages to wrench Cumming’s arms behind his back, as the yellow Speedoed stud falls to his knees in a humiliating position that has him sweating down his muscular chest and groaning in teeth-gritting agony. But it’s not long before Cummings is serving up a bucketful of side blows to West’s fallen frame as he straddles his back, tortures his legs, and challenges his every strength.

An incredible back-and-forth session, showcasing the hot bods of two sexy as hell muscle studs!

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