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CAST: Jay Moore, Sammy Gee, Rush, Paul LaSalle, Mathews,


RELEASE DATE: 4/8/2008

Lots of super hot, on the mat take down action in this one! Mat Brawlers features five guys pairing off for some intense, sweaty no rules wrestling. Jay Moore, Sammy Gee, Mathews, Rush and Paul Lasalle tag each other in and out for some rough and rugged one on one match ups.

In round one the guys are wearing board shorts and skin tight neoprene surf shirts. Round two finds them rolling around the mat in just their Speedos. Rush is the first one to give in and call it quits when Jay Moore puts him in a painful leg hold and crushes his nuts. Mark Lasalle gets pissed that his partner gives up and they all gang up on Rush, triple teaming him until he begs for mercy. Mark makes him jerk his cock in the corner and cum for the other men`s enjoyment as punishment. Rush heads off humiliated and the rest of the men return to the mat and lose the Speedos.

The brief three way match quickly turns into a hot and sweaty suck fest and jerk off session . Mathews, Jay and Mark shoot their loads and collapse exhausted on the mat.

Sammy Gee takes on Jay for a private one on one match and ultimately conquers him. They both pump out a load after their grueling match. Then Paul takes Mathews for some one on one. These powerful guys brutally go after each other with lots of painful headlocks and body slams. Mathews takes this round, then both men wrap things up with one last cum spurting jerk off session on the mat.

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