Mat Brats

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Clint Peak, Vince Dimedici, Ricky Manero, Shane Collins, Derek Cruz

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 5/29/2008

Five bulge popping college jocks play out your wrestling club fantasies! Led by tall and meaty Shane Collins, the five hot and hung Mat Brats temper their testosterone every weekend in a series of old school matches with down and dirty twists.
Drawing names from a hat, they pair up for one round, each winner drawing a new name, until someone loses three times. The ritual begins with each pair oiling each other up, sensually covering every sinewy muscle. And these boys are not shy about touching each others bulges in the process. Hot!
First up are Shane and Clint. Clint certainly has the muscles, but Shane has the moves. Savoring his win, but unfortunately a little winded, Shane then goes down to newest member, cocky Rick Manero - despite devastating Rick's balls with nasty twists. Lanky Vince Dimedici, and sultry Derek Cruz, get their chance to shine, too, as the rounds continue one after another. 10 rounds later, Clint is on the edge of humiliation with two losses, as he takes on Shane one last time. And the group is feeling extra humiliating this week, waiting to douse Clint in cum with a group jerk off! Wanna join?

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