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CAST: Jason Adonis, Gio Vanni, Ben Campezi, TJ Austin

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 10/4/2008

The Mat Attack series has been a runaway hit. And why not? Combine Jet Set Productions prime beef hunks with Can-Am wrestling expertise, and throw in lots of down and dirty loser-gets-it bitch sex, and remote controls all over America are wearing out! Mat Attack Three brings back the incredible Jason Adonis. In the original Mat Attack he made Marc Stone his total bitch. This time he`s up against newcomer Gio Vanni. Gio is a hot blooded Italian import. But just like an Italian sports car, he`s very sleek but awfully temperamental. Can he keep his energy focused enough to cross the finish line, or is Jason going to plant his tool in the trunk? Jason has proven himself over and over again, but remember, Gio`s packing a lot of fuel. Match two features two Can-Am debuts. Lean and mean Ben Campezi takes on boy next door hottie T.J. Austin. As with all Mat Attack matches, the first falls end up in blowjobs. These two are fairly evenly matched skill-wise so they`re each going to have to open wide. But maybe Ben likes losing, since he`s hard as a rock while engulfing T.J.`s dick! Yet both claim to be "back door virgins", so there`s a lot on the line here since one will get fucked like a dog. Order up Mat Attack Three today, but don`t blame us for the extra wear and tear on your "pause" button!

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