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CAST: Andy Flyer, Dallas EAston, Gymboy, Brett Hawk, Justin Blake,


RELEASE DATE: 3/13/2006

For all you chicken hawks out there, London is where the lads are, and a hotel room is where the action takes place. Five scenes unfold on one bed featuring five smooth boy bodies enjoying learning-as-they-go boy sex to every older heart's delight. Popular Andy Flyer breaks out a bag of leather toys arousing blond toy boy Justin Blake's immediate curiosity. Bigger and stronger, Andy strips Justin out of his underbriefs, wrestles him into unconsiousness with a choke hold, "hog ties" Justin with leather and chain, then leaves him helpless. Budding body beautiful Gymboy hears Justin's moans and groans, enters the room and frees him. They wrestle, suck each others' cocks, and Justin lets Gymboy pound home a thank-you-for-rescuing-me butt fuck. Later Brett Hawk shows up and challenges hottie Gymboy to a fuck match. Their easily agreed to rules: the boy who loses his trunks first...gets fucked. Gymboy strips his challenger first and climbs on for his victory fuck finaly spooging all over Brett's chest. Even later Brett comes back to the room with Dallas Easton...who we like to call "Booty" Easton because of his perfect bubble butt. Soon "Booty" earns his nickname as Brett plows his sweet SWEET ass with a very large black dildo, then fucks him, then dildoes him some more. Seems both boys like dildoes as they plug fuck themselves and jack off together. Finally Andy and Brett are alone in their room to wrestle with no distractions. Andy triumphs, puts Brett back into leather restraint and disappears. When Brett cums to, he manhandles his dick, and rewards himself with a thick heavy wad shot . Was it all a dream?

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