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CAST: Aryx Quinn, Drake Davenport, Michael Vineland,


RELEASE DATE: 2/6/2014

There are only two words to describe this title: Tension and release. Bulging man-meat Michael Vineland drifts into the darkened, early morning locker room, stretching those glorious coffee-and-cream-colored muscles. Pale, youthful, spiky-haired Drake Davenport follows. The men circle each other, slowly, methodically, with an almost dazed and dreamlike quality to their movements. "I think it's high time we put some of our differences aside..." says fan favorite, golden god Aryx Quin, making the duet a trio, and setting the tone for a very different offering from Can-Am Productions. For those who have already seen these three men in action, an all-out brawl is expected. But what this title delivers is something much more singular: A three-way erotic encounter, where all the pent-up and smothered expressions of passion and lust shatter violently like glass all over the locker room walls. Quinn invades Vineland's space, inching ever closer to the bigger man's face. For one terrifying, dizzying moment we're almost certain they're going to beat and batter each other as we've seen them do so many times before. But as the distance between their glossy, muscular bodies closes, Quinn's lips blend seamlessly with Vineland's, releasing the tension of so many moments past. Davenport drapes a sinewy arm around the duo, allowing Quinn to turn his attentions on the other lad, cranking up the tension meter once again. All bets are off, all battles put aside, as these three prime cuts of meat delve deeper and deeper into the world of sexual and sensual gratification. Muscle worship. Soon the action becomes a playful game...a test to see how many positions three flawless men can form with their bodies. Impressive abs press against each other, not in wrestling pins but in long-held embraces. Muscles are treated with reverence and respect...brawny biceps expertly rubbed down...pecks twisted and massaged with willing, welcomed, strong hands...groping fingers invade all too willing assholes...tight, bulging asses are spanked so hard you'll actually wince with pain and pleasure in this thrilling exploration of what is possible when three muscle men come together. Vineland becomes the dominant, using his size and strength to both honor and horn-up the smaller guys. Davenport and Quinn can't seem to stop locking lips, while Vineland gently pummels their thunderswords through their tight briefs. "Real man..." mutters Quinn, as both he and Davenport dive into Vineland's exquisite armpits, licking huge, flexed biceps and sighing with trembling, shuddering pleasure. "Oh fuck yeah..." moans Davenport when stick shifts make contact at last, grinding together in perfect, cock-throbbing harmony and leading to a three-way oil massage...a three way circle jerk as the men bask in the light play on tapering waists and bouncing, glistening man sacks. With bouncing cocks perching on the edge of tight waistbands, the men give in at last to their natural wrestler instincts, tying up and tearing down, but always with an edge of sensuality to the action. We are treated to a long-held full nelson, hands clasped around necks, gut punching, rough hair pulling, nipple twisting, and more full-mouthed, forced lip locks than anyone could ever hope to count. These men truly enjoying glorying in each other's strapping, sturdy, strong and serious muscular power, and cocks are eagerly guzzled in solo suck sessions, and shared excursions. At one point Vineland has a double mouthful of hot cock when Davenport and Quinn become overwhelmed by feelings of aggressive passion and actually lock up over Vineland's servicing body, only to allow the lockup to melt into a passionate embrace, and yet another heart-racing lip lock that drives this mother all the way to the ultimate and inevitable fire of triple cum cannons. To tell you any more would only spoil the secrets of this inspired, erotic, unbelievably ardent title. If you've always wanted to see your favorite, roughest combatants release all tension and just go at it in a frenzied passion, this is the title for you!

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