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CAST: Johnny Lightning,


RELEASE DATE: 9/21/2009

Can-Am Productions is pleased to present a day in the life of Johnny Lightning. At some point just before noon, Johnny Lightning wakes up. He is a male exotic stripper, so he gets to bed very early in the morning and sleeps late. He feels very sexy this morning and enjoys the warmth and slight undulation of his waterbed, the feel of the soft sheets. He caresses his very muscular body - all sides - in all ways. He rolls over, feels his muscular butt. When he arises he has his morning hard-on. He dresses. The video shifts to his gym where he is working out in a very tight, muscle revealing, form fitting blue wrestling singlet. When he finishes his gym workout, we get a chance to see him change into a variety of gear as he showcases his body for us in everything from bike shorts to gym tights to undergear to underwear to his thong. Since he did not jack-off before getting out of bed, since he is used to jacking-off at least three times a day, by the time he returns from the gym and finishes his gear modeling display he is Horny with a capital H. He lays down on his luxury couch, in his luxury condo, high above the lighted and very active city, and starts to enjoy himself . He fantasizes, jacks up his cock, cums. A shower and a short message from Johnny to you closes the video except for some brief scenes from some of his wrestling matches. Another beautiful showcase of another beautiful Canadian Musclehunk.

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