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CAST: John Thor, Guy Bolton,


RELEASE DATE: 7/7/2008

As one of the younger hotshots in Can-Am's wrestler stable, Guy Bolton enjoys an impressive fan following making his previous match specials TOM FLEX VS GUY BOLTON, and MACE DRUMMOND VS GUY BOLTON enormously popular. Guy's latest special match is with one of Boss Sexton's hottest bodybeautifuls... musclegod Jon Thor. In addition to lots of aggressive give-and-take punishment wrestling, JOHN THOR VS GUY BOLTON contains endless footage of these two fantasy studs grinding their naked oiled bodies together in the sleaziest, sexiest crotch-to-crotch and crotch-to-ass contact Can-Am has ever released. THOR VS BOLTON starts off with Guy oiling up and body worshiping Thor's spectacular muscularity but quickly escalates into brutal no-holds-barred pro action. After choking Thor out cold, Bolton strips him of his yellow bikinis, peels off his own lime green bikinis, then slowly and salaciously full-body oil rubs every chiseled muscle of Thor's physique. With Thor still out cold, Guy drags his muscle god into the oil pit and continues to feel and grope until Thor regains consciousness and then the sexiest naked split-spread, 69'ing, and crotch contact erota-wrestling you've ever seen will take your breath away. Who wins? You do, but not until both men pump off gusher loads, then soap each other down in the finale shower scene. JOHN THOR VS GUY BOLTON is one very hot tape. You'll thank Boss Sexton for this one. Order up!

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