I'll Make You Suffer 5: Blackwell Vs. Kharn


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CAST: Kharn Alexander, Nick Blackwell

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 3/6/2015

Nick Blackwell is a tall, long-haired, strong, yet scarecrow-like lad with hunk possibility written all over him. With a passion for wrestling, his movements are quick and jerky, his energy is frenetic, his trash talking is tight, but his confidence wavers when he sees a certain competitor step into the ring. Who can blame him?

Kharn Alexander is a physical god. The ideal man wants to be Kharn Alexaner. We`re talking rock hard abs, chiseled pectorals, and gloriously tattooed arms that look like they`re carved from solid marble that beg to be licked. This guys is the full package from his glossy, product-laden hair, to his mint green, silver, and black trunks that emphasize his manhood, right down to his shiny black boots. He is a stubbled, striking, scintillating sensation, like a pirate and a prince all rolled up into one. And he`s fixing to put Nick Blackwell in place, although the kid doesn`t know it yet...

The callow lad tries to show Alexander what he can do. Alexander slaps a painful headlock on the kid, and the lesson starts.

"How `bout I teach you how to wrestle?" offers Alexander, with a sadistic glimmer in his eye. Within seconds Blackwell is groaning in agony.

"Who ever said wrestling was fun?" demands Alexander, as he crushes Blackwell`s windpipe with his bulging bicep.

"It looks fun on TV," Blackwell groans, while Alexander presses on his throat ever harder.

Elbows are dug into abs, arms are tied up like ropes, hair is pulled, and fists are pounded into muscular backs. Soon Blackwell is trapped in yet another strangling hold, only to be tossed like a rag doll, hair flying. Alexander plants his knee square in the Blackwell`s back, before clamping him in yet another headlock, then a rough sleeper, only to plant his shiny black boot hard on the kid`s abs.

Soon Blackwell has a mouthful of Alexander`s armpit and is forced to his knees, where he is hammered in the stomach by Alexander`s pummeling fists in a brutal battering with an almost erotic physicality to it. The kid is enveloped in Alexander`s powerful thighs, crushed like a walnut, and made to beg for release.

Legs are painfully entangled, faces are ground into the mat, bodies are stretched almost beyond endurance. Ever calm, Alexander dishes out the pain, while Blackwell soaks it up. Will the tables turn? Will Blackwell get Alexander back? Or will he simply suffer like the little bitch he is?

This is a masterclass in physical possibilities...the infliction of pain, and survival. Watch what two very different wrestlers can do in the art of the squash job.

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