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DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 10/1/2014

It's the oldest rivalry on earth. The original war. Two men with something to prove, squaring off and staring each other down, because that's just what men do...they make each other suffer.

"I'd look you in the eye but I'd have to get on my knees," says one man to another. The taller man gazes down at the smaller man, practically saying "you're nothing." This is a David and Goliath match-up, and neither man can afford to lose.

"I'll let you know now, the more you fight...the more you suffer!" says Danny Duggan, a blonde, golden-skinned, mountain of a man, fairly bursting out of his midnight blue lycra speedos. He is a Hercules, a hero, all chest and arms and torso and tree-trunk thighs. His musculature is the natural sort, as if he earned it tossing bails of hay or chiseling rock. His jawline, square and stubbled, his gaze steady and strong. He is everything. And he means business.

His opponent in suffering is the tanned and tightly muscled Will Ferrara, who stands at a disadvantage due to his reduced height. Ferrara will soon be your favorite. His spirit and attitude, matched with his astonishingly toned abs and cocky smile, make him a winning combatant, even if he is considerably shorter than the towering Duggan. Ferrara sports a white and black speedo, tussled brown curls, and the sideburns of a certain Marvel superhero.

When these men tie-up, you will be amazed by the evenness in strength, the poetic back-and-forth, the powerful strain they cause each other to persevere against. This might just be a more even match than originally predicted. It's not long before Ferrara is choking a bent over Duggan with his own meaty forearm and asking him if he's ready to give up.

Legs intwine, leather boots lock around solid frames, flawlessly muscular arms flex and strain in resistance, faces are crushed and abused, even bitten...open handed smacks to the face and strenuous hair pulling tortures are inflicted with glee.

There is more than just animalistic rivalry here. There guys are truly testing their strength against each other. Unlike previous Suffering matches, the torture is more evenly distributed as each fighter seems to find both pleasure in pain in the competition.

Guts are bashed. Arms are wrapped around the yellow ropes in torturous, imprisoning positions. One man stands over the other, legs splayed, chest heaving, reveling in his superiority. One man is trapped in a schoolboy pin, struggling and straining between a pair of golden, muscular thighs. Would you take his place?

When one man bites another, he is duly punished by having his jaw separated by massive, exploring fingers, in the most invasive of holds. Legs are clamped around heads, fists rain down in violent profusion, all culminating in merciless pile driver that leaves one man suffering so badly he can hardly move or moan.

Join us for I'll Make You Suffer 4, and feel the pain for yourself.

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