I Wanna Go Pro: Austin Cooper


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CAST: Austin Cooper, Big D, Chasyn Rance, Lane Hartley

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 3/6/2015

"Did you hear?" asks rookie Austin Cooper. "I`m going pro."

The powerfully-built fledgling is all confidence and budding charisma. He struts and stretches his sinewy, strapping self from one end of the mat to the other, so certain there`s a pro card in his very near future. And who can blame him for expecting such a boon? He`s young, strong, five foot nine inches of well-muscled manhood, and a trained wrestler to boot. But as is often the way in stories like these, first comes the pain.

Lane Hartley, Big D, and Chasyn Rance present a holy trinity of tormenting terror for the young pup. One by one they will rip him apart, put him back together again, and do it all over again.

Hartley starts off the damage, pounding the young punk into the floor with all the calm credence of a western gunslinger after winning the gunfight. Hartley has a swagger, a stride, a sense of total dominance over the pup, grasping and grinding him into more and more painful positions while his lion`s mane tumbles into his eyes almost seductively. Sleepers, rope torture, agonizing scissor holds, and harrowing ball abuse are only a small portion of this stunning 28 year old`s range of abusive moves. Cooper is unprepared for the fight of his life against Hartley, pathetically begging the bastard bruiser to fight fair.

"This isn`t the playground, kid," Hartley says matter-of-factly. One thing is certain, this is no playground.

If you`ve ever fantasized about being manhandled by a big, sweaty, giant of a man, Cooper`s second try for his pro card is the match for you. Watch as sturdy, strapping, bald Big D`s barrel chest flushes rose red while beating and battering Cooper, hissing like a serpent all the while, and wrapping him up in his burly arms or in a sweaty, severe, almost sensual sleeper, while spouting Shakespeare no less! Big D is something of a phenomenon, living up to his name in every way with a beautifully beefy frame and a drop-dead gorgeous grin...this giant is anything but gentle. The moaning...the red-faced straining...the slapping of one meaty body against another as the eloquent, deep-voiced Big D takes on the soon-to-be pro in a surprisingly even fight.

Chasyn Rance can only be described as a perfect. He`s got all the charm of a prince, combined with a hard-bodied, vigorously solid frame, and a sense of true playfulness. Like a predator toying with his food, Rance teases and taunts Cooper with a delicate flair, in strict opposition with his rough and ready wrestling style. He is all hands and fists and twisting leg locks, paired with witty quips and some of the dirtiest, grunting, groaning ground fighting we`ve ever featured. Sweat pours down taught bodies, and beautiful faces twist up in expressions of agony and defeat.

"What you got?" he demands. His quintessential taunt. And not a bad question for the aspiring pro. Cooper will have to question his every strength, his every weakness, his every move, if he truly wants to go pro.

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