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CAST: Lincoln Load, Billy Watt, Andrew Lane, Marco Stone, Derek,


RELEASE DATE: 3/10/2004

The reaction to Boarder Thugz has been tremendous, so this time we took Jimmy Dean and his roving camera off the slopes and checked him into the warmth of an ultra luxurious Toronto hotel. But those tough-ass muscle punk friends of his don`t care where they are. Luxury or not, they take crap from no one - especially their friends. Making spectacular Can-Am debuts, Lincoln Lode, Andrew Lane, and Marco Stone will have you reaching for that `Do Not Disturb` sign. They join lean and mean Billy Watt, and cocky French Canadian, Derek, in three masculine melees. First up, Andrew Lane takes a relaxing nude swim in the hotel pool before pumping his pecs in the gym. Getting back to the room, he wants control of the TV remote from feisty red-head, Lincoln Lode. Over three rounds that have pillows, bedsheets, and sofa cushions flying, you think that the more muscular Lane is going to keep the advantage. But carrot topped fury rules the day, and Lode keeps control of the remote as they relax and shoot their loads. In match two, big, beefy, Marco Stone is striding through the hotel, and he looks mad. Derek is in the room, and doesn`t know what`s about to burst through the door. These two swap three rounds of suffering that leaves Derek so turned on, he has to blow his load while Marco soothes his muscles with a hot shower. In match three, we find Andrew trying to nap after another workout. Lode and new workout buddy Billy Watt get back to the room and noisily wake up Lane. Lane bitches and moans and the wrestling is on. But submitting him doesn`t end the dispute, and in the next round, cocky Watt is the one who ends up on the receiving end of prolonged punishment. Now they`re having too much fun to stop, and in the last round, Lode becomes the new toy. Watch that ice bucket! Three hot cumshots soak the last of their towels. Make your reservations now - Hotel Hell: Toronto could be sold out!

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