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CAST: Sky Davis, Steve Stone

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/27/2018

Hollywood Mat Fight 1

Steve Stone, 29yo, 5'9" 174#, Green Eyes, Dirty Blond, Silver trunks

Sky Davis, 29yo, 5'10", 180#, Brown Eyes, Black Hair, Maroon trunks

Leonine Steve Stone is He-man brought to life, a romance novel coverboy, and more of the most chiseled fighters to grace the Can-Am locker room in years. His prominent cock brushes against the blacks mats through his grey speedo as he perfects his pushups, tossing his golden hair. Enter Sky Davis, the man-bun wearing, heavily tattooed bad boy. These studs are equally hot, equally skilled, and equally hungry for a fight.

A test of strength has them circling and straining like roman gladiators, talking trash and digging bare feet into the mat to gain leverage. Soon they’re grunting, roaring, and raging, their cocks swinging and grinding through miniscule speedos. Bearhugs, lifts, headlocks, facesitting, backbreakers, claws, and more feature in this evenly-matched battle for supremacy.

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