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CAST: Dylan Wood, Jobe Zander, Kaya Rydell, Patrick Femel, Poncharelli

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 8/11/2008

There`s been a lot of interest and requests for a Boss Sexton video. That means a Can-Am video directed and videographed by Boss Sexton. Located in the San Fernando Valley, acknowledged crotch of the Southern California adult video and entertainment industry, Boss Sexton has built new studios. And "Hollywood Fight Club" is Boss Sexton`s first video produced at his all new Can-Am studio.

Dark and edgy, Can-Am`s fight club set resembles the Brad Pitt fight club set....gritty, grimy, dirty, greasy, and beat-your-meat sexy. Like most fight clubs, glory first and then money are the reasons hot muscled street fighters anti-up $200 apiece....each convinced he`s gonna bash, brutalize, and squash his way to last man standing, and reap the pot. Boss Sexton`s fighters are Kaya Rydell... cocky, mouthy, smooth chested, hot bodied ego punk hunk. Jet-Set exclusive and killer good looking Dylan Wood... a big, blond, bodybuilder you wanna lick all over. Big boy buncha hunka Poncharelli shows up and shows off his amazing guns with biceps the size of baseballs. Smallest of the bunch is Patrick Femel. But like the animal kingdom`s smallest killer fighter, the Mongoose, Patrick has no fear no matter how big they are. Then there always has to be the youngest. The kid most everybody dismisses as the perceived jobber. So perceived is this fight club`s cub contender Jobe Zander. Young maybe, but if he can live up to his mouth, his bigger opponents have their hands full.

Each fighter strips down to pouch packed Speedos. There`s a lotta oiling up, muscle flexing, and mouth flapping as the five fighters schedule who`s gonna fight who. Thankfully and immediately, any kind of rules are broken, and sportsmanship is a myth. As the action gets wilder, scheduled fight pairs get mixed up and muscle mayhem becomes the rule of this thoroughly satisfying muscle wrestle roust. Boss Sexton`s camera work becomes the sixth presence in this five man fight fest. Five flexing, straining, and sweat wet muscle hunks turn each other every way but loose. Your favorite hold is practically guaranteed as you wonder at times how Boss Sexton gets his camera in so tight and up so close to the non-stop pro style ball bashing, butt bustin` action. Nude wrestling? Of course. Cum shots? Mandatory. Because each loser of each match up has to jack off to the ridicule and entertainment of the other members.

Who wins? Who gets the bucks? This fight club scenario has more twists and turns than pubic hairs between your teeth. We`re not going to divulge the winner. But we promise you won`t be disappointed. Boss Sexton never disappoints. Be sure to check out "Hollywood Fight Club`s" bonus segment.

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