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CAST: Jimmy Dean, Johnny Lightning, Rush Adams,


RELEASE DATE: 6/8/2007

After the sensational HOGTIED WRESTLING HUNKS - ONE, we knew we had a winner bondage wrestling series, and that you'd be back for more. And HOGTIED WRESTLING HUNKS - TWO delivers a lot more than your money's worth. To guarantee your money's worth, HWH-ONE's blond bodybeautiful badguy Johnny Lightning is back to dish out the bondage punishment...but this time he has help.

It seems that Johnny Lightning and porn superstar Rush Adams are not only competitive friends in both their bodybuilding and wrestling workouts, but also in their carnal pursuits of young muscle boys who unwittingly fall into their hands. After a particularly grueling winner-take-all bondage wrestling workout in which Rush Adams falls victim to Lightning's muscle-weight and dirty street fighting tactics, Rush and Lightning can't believe their good fortune when dynamite teenstud Jimmy Dean walks right into their scene wearing very skimpy Levi cut-offs and his signature cowboy boots, tightbodied Jimmy Dean is cleaning up the gym after Rush and Lightning's winner-take-all (complete with Adam's forced cum-shot) bondage wrestling session. Admittedly, jimmy Dean has a big mouth, a big ego, and a very hot body to take care of himself with. But Lightning and Adams trick Jimmy into another winner-take-all match "just between" Adams and Dean. Not surprisingly, Lightning jumps into the match and in very short order. the sensational Jimmy Dean is double-teamed, rip-stripped, and suffers one of the l-o-n-g-e-s-t, and most diabolical two-on-one muscle bondage wrestling scenes ever put on video tape. Jimmy Dean, the quintessential tightbodied boytoy endures a series of the most fiendish abuse-in-bondage action you've ever seen. And even though Jimmy is battered, bound, and beaten into agonizing naked submission after submission, he never looses his spirit in defying his two abusers. Jimmy's tightly ripped hotbody and world class ass take it, and take it, and take it.

Finally, after relentless suffering by Jimmy Dean at the hands of Rush and Lightning, they both jack off on Dean's spreadeagled body, then leave Jimmy still bound, and very horny. Jimmy works hard to free himself to take his very impressive teenrod and pumps off a load that makes you wonder just how much he hated the bondage abuse he just suffered. We think he loved it. And we know you're gonna love it...a lot! Muscle bondage wrestling just doesn't get hotter.

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