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CAST: Dino Phillips, Duncan Mills, Trenton Comeaux, Alex Wilcox, Seth Black Scott Davis,


RELEASE DATE: 6/30/2008

If a jack-off variety of body types and wrestling gear is the spice of your mat fantasies.... HARDCORE MAT FIGHTS delivers 3 separately shot matches, 3 pairs of hotbody wrestlers, in 3 different types of wrestling gear, blasting off six cumshots for $49 bucks.

MATCH ONE: Porno prince Dino Phillips, wearing a royal blue bulge clinging singlet, gropes and manhandles youthful boytoy Duncan Mills wearing light grey bike tights. Singlet and tights soon disappear and the wrestling soon becomes overtly sexual with handsome Dino Phillips fucking his boytoy`s butt to a very satisfying double climax.

MATCH TWO: Near legendary porn star Trenton Comeaux brings a taste of kink to this match wearing tight bright yellow latex shorts and top..... 15 foot wrist-roped to clean-cut bodybeautiful Alex Wilcox wearing blue latex shorts and top. This rodeo match delivers rubberized muscles in battle bondage from start to finish with the hardbody boys tieing each other up for brutal give-and-take punishment sessions. It gets even better when the rubber gets ripped off and these two sweatwet muscle hunks get down to hardcore cock sucking, butt fucking, and cum shooting. Who fucks who? Wilcox fucks Comeaux to your hard-on`s satisfaction.

MATCH THREE: Boy brawlers Seth Black in peach bikinis and Scott Davis in coral bikinis deliver legal, youthful hardbodies for your hottest jail bait fantasies. Once naked, young studs Seth and Scott stick their tongues and dicks in every hole they can find like heat seeking missiles. Ultimately Seth Black`s beautiful baby butt gets victory fucked by Scott Davis` Energizer (just keeps going... and going... and going) Bunny boner... BIGtime. A whole lot of HARDCORE MAT FIGHTS for $49 bucks.

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