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CAST: Doug Brandon, Sabastien Stone, T.J. Brooks, Rocco Valentino, Chris Divtio, Eric Sinclair, Jimmy Dean


RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2004

Match 1 / DOUG BRANDON VS SABASTIEN STONE. Call this mat tale Beauty and the Beast where the bodybuilder gets stripped bare assed and beat up BIGtime. Doug Brandon is the football player built Beast in yellow trunks sporting a Marine recruit haircut and a very bad attitude. Brandon mercilessly hero bashes bodybeautiful Sabastien Stone who flaunts a H-U-G-E hard cock bulging through his skin tight grey trunks. You won't have to wait long for Brandon to rip off Sabastien's trunks to feast your eyes on this bodybuilder's in-your-dreams ass and horse dick. Brandon the Beast's long, slow punishment of Sabastien the Bodybeautiful is HARD NUDE PRO WRESTLING fantasy at it's best. Match 2 / T.J. BROOKS VS ROCCO VALENTINO. This bare assed butt basher is for you pro wrestling animals who like your mat boys young, hung, and fun. In yellow trunks, college freshman looking T.J. Brooks with his preppy haircut and aggressive attitude... gets naked, down, and dirty with very handsome Rocco Valentino. Rocco's beautiful face, body, and crotch watcher's blue trunked box is a work of art. When the trunks come off, this match heats up. You're gonna love watching these two young studs punish each other long and slow. Match 3 / CHRIS DIVITO VS ERIC SINCLAIR. Chris Divito enters the ring wearing blue trunks and a blond ponytail. With a very hot gymnast / swimmer's body, nice box, and sexy face... Chris gets Eric's yellow trunks off first, then punishes his bare assed opponent with a series of bearhugs. Then rides him long and hard with his big dick dangling in Eric Sinclair's face. You'll never see this on TV. Match 4 / DOUG BRANDON VS JIMMY DEAN. The Beast is back booked to do his brutal non-nude best to enormously popular studboy Jimmy Dean. And since few wrestlers have a more beautiful and beatable ass than Jimmy Dean, this merciless squash job will drain dry the legions of Jimmy Dean fans who like watching this never-say-die badboy suffer Brandon the Beast's complete arsenal of excruciating submission holds. The Beast forces our favorite badboy to give up.... over, and over, and over.

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