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CAST: Bobby Rose, Adam Anderson, T.J. Brooks, Rocco Valentino, Marcus, Sabastien Stone, Chris Divito, Keith Powers


RELEASE DATE: 10/25/2004

Match 1 / BOBBY ROSE VS ADAM ANDERSON. Supercute surferboy Bobby Rose oils up for his bare assed match wearing green trunks and a heartbreaker smile. In pink trunks, dark short haired Greek boy looking Adam Anderson seems an even match. But once the trunks come off, the sexy young surferboy starts to turn up the heat, and hot youthful bodies slam and bang each other to an erotic and popular submission. Match 2 / T.J. BROOKS VS ROCCO VALENTINO. Collegiate badboy meets exotic beauty. Wearing yellow trunks and a win-at-all-costs attitude, T.J. enjoys the slow painful working over he subjects bodybeautiful Rocco Valentino to. When Rocco's stuffed full light blue trunks get stripped off exposing a surprisingly large cock... the exposure seems to inspire T.J. into some spirited oiled ass slapping. Ahhhh-h-h, bare assed boys buttbeating bare assed boys. Life is good. Match 3 / MARCUS VS SABASTIEN STONE. There would have been a customer revolt if you didn't get to marvel at Sabastien Stone's spectacular bare assed body getting bruised and battered... in oil. In red trunks hugging a swimmer's hardbody and full crotch, handsome hunk Marcus loses his trunks first, but manages to punish his bodybeautiful opponent impressively. Then Sabastien removes his own trunks and chokes Marcus with them... and all bets are off. You simply can't loose watching Sabastien's truly beautiful body getting battered and bashed. Match 4 CHRIS DIVITO VS KEITH POWERS. And while we're on the subject of beautiful bodies, save some juice for the killer goodlooking hotbody of Keith Powers wearing a two-tone "T" back thong bikini. In orange trunks, a very good looking and equally hot Chris Divito gets his chance to manhandle Keith Powers long and slow and deliciously when the trunks come off and the oil heats up. HARD NUDE OIL WRESTLING matches 3 and 4 are decidedly Body Watchers bonus matches. This video series will normally be priced at $59.00, however, as an introductory special to our mailing list customers you can order "HARD NUDE OIL WRESTLING" for a one time only reduced price of $49.00.

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