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CAST: Raul Byrini, Burke Rodgers, Rob Frank, Aaron Aubrey, Billy Paul, Scott Borrego


RELEASE DATE: 6/12/2009

Gentlemen, part your wallets, get out your credit cards, it`s time to take action! Can-Am proudly presents the leading male strippers from the hottest gay clubs of Canada. They`re young, they`re hung, and they`re HARD! Not only that, we`ve got four of the hottest guys who appeared in the nude oil wrestling offering their strip act for you - on stage - as we take our cameras into one of the leading gay clubs in Toronto. Again, for those who have enjoyed the Canadian Muscle Dancers line, and there are many, not to worry. We will continue to seek out and present the finest in muscled visuals - those dancers who perform at the straight clubs and who are willing to dance privately for you, right in front of our video cameras. But meanwhile let`s get down and dirty with some live hot male strip action to nudity. All the strippers wear boots, offer up great frontal hard-on action, and they don`t neglect anally oriented fans as well.

And now on to the strip action: Stripper #1: Raul Byrini - 5`8", 178#, green eyes, brown hair, 22 yo - Raul appears in a Marine uniform. He strips to a blue T-back which when it first appears you`ll notice contains an enormous hard-on. He dances a three song set; totally nude with a huge flopping hard cock in the finale with a self-oiling scene.

Stripper #2: Burke Rodgers (no photo available) - 5`6", 170#, blue eyes, brown hair, 25 yo - Burke appears in cut-off levis and USA colors jacket and shirt. He strips to white underwear which contains his hard dick. He strips off his underwear and hangs it on the end of his dick. Sort of a hard-on clothesline if you will. At the start of his third song his huge dick is jutting out straight in front of him. He oils himself up.

Stripper #3: Rob Frank - 6`6", 238#, blue/green eyes, blond hair, 22 yo - Fresh from the oil wrestling pit, the sexy Giant is back! Rob appears in a very sexy body hugging white singlet. He pulls it, stretches it, and uses it to its best advantage in ways guaranteed to turn you on. He strips down to a lime green T-back. It contains his own very respectable rock-hard, stiff cock. Butt watchers will appreciate that bubble-ass. There`s no doubt he sure knows how to wiggle and shake it. He shakes off his T-back and concludes with one hell of a hot, sexy, nude dance number.

Stripper #4: Aaron Aubrey, 5`7", 140#, blue eyes, brown hair, 19 yo - From the sexy Giant to the smallest and youngest dancer, but a sexy giant in his own right, as Aubrey has perhaps the biggest cock of any stripper on this tape. Or is it because he is so small that it`s out of proportion to his size. Either way, in combination with his little boy looks, the result is devastatingly sexy. He appears in a loose double breasted suit with no shirt underneath. He strips to a white satin-like T-back, his enormous hard-on in stark evidence .

Stripper #5: Billy Paul - 5`7", 160#, green eyes, brown hair, 22 yo - our button pusher is back. Billy appears in a tight white show-stopping uniform. The kind with no back pockets that show off his gorgeous ass to the max. His first song is an appropriate, "Let`s Talk About Sex". Whoa! When he removes those tight white pants, he shows Paul Perris that he can do the splits too! His nude song is "Take my Breath Away", and he does! The seductive way he moves, the looks he gives you through the camera, his hard cock. It`s all designed to "give it up" to you. Will you give it up to him? This muscleboy gets our nomination for the sexiest and most seductive strip act on this video.

Stripper #6: Scott Borrego - 5`5", 150#, black eyes, brown year, 26 yo - Scott, the gorgeous Puerto Rican stripper, is back. He wears a blue and black striped singlet, and black fringe boots. He`s really a very good dancer in addition to being an experienced stripper. He entertains you at first with his extraordinary dance ability. Then for his final song he presents his own nicely sized hard-on, first in a T-back, then "set-free". A very seductive and fitting close to Can-Am`s first strip to zip video.

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