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CAST: Mitchel Mattel, Alexander Lemonde


RELEASE DATE: 7/6/2004

OK, all you gear hounds, underwear lusters, and swimsuit mavens - Boss Sexton has created a video just for you! Gear Play features the Can-Am debuts of French-Canadian boy-toys Michel Mattel and Alexandre LeMonde. We flew them into our Los Angeles studio and gave them each a bag of the sexiest gear we could find and told them to have fun. The two slowly undress each other, and the gap between LeMonde’s incredible six-pack and the waist of his jeans screams out for the exploration of Mattel’s lusty fingers. Revealing lace up, bulge enhancing boxer briefs, Mattel discovers that LeMonde fully packs anything he wears. Of course, once the thong that perfectly displays Mattel’s incredible ass comes off, most videos just go on to the “main event”. But here the whole idea is to keep dressing up and dressing down, with plenty of cock and ass tease along the way. You are also treated to a cotton/spandex body suit, a thong jockstrap, an orange mesh brief, a sheer purple spiderweb brief, a red lycra swimsuit, and a blue lycra swimsuit. Each outfit was chosen to show off the best assets of each model, and the two get so turned on by their little show that LeMonde can’t keep his hands off Mattel, and his hungry dick can barely stay contained. These two lick, kiss, and sniff into a frenzy. Once they don their final outfits - almost sheer cammy briefs and an almost too small micro swimsuit - it’s time for some heavier action. Mattel gets shackled and blown to the edge by LeMonde until he agrees to wrestle. Of course on the mats, LeMonde’s superior strength gives him the upper hand. Mattel gets a few good moves in, but we think this power bottom enjoys LeMonde’s domination. After two long rounds, Mattel is Schoolboy pinned and makes the obvious choice to submit to LeMonde’s tasty dick. From there you are treated to one of the steamiest sex scenes Can-Am has ever filmed. These two are so obviously turned on to each other and by what they’ve done, the sweat leaps off the screen. After LeMonde power fucks Mattel to a dual explosion, we all get to relax and enjoy the bonus shower scene! 90 min.

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