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CAST: Justin, Joey Diamond, Ricky, Marco, Referee


RELEASE DATE: 6/14/2010

French Tag Team features four French Canadian muscle studs in Can-Am`s very first referee`d tag team pro match. Many of you Can-Am fans have come to know and lust after the wall of muscle known as Justin. Here he`s teamed up with ex-gymnast Joey Diamond against the bad-boy duo of Ricky and Marco. The first two out are Justin and Marco, and Justin totally dominates. Marco is tossed around the ring like a rag doll. You wonder if Justin even feels anything that Marco tries to do to him. Taking over, bodybuilder Ricky gives Justin more of a challenge. These two are evenly matched and the action is fast and furious. Needing a breather, both tag out to let Joey have his first crack at Marco. Handspringing into action, he wraps his feet around Marco`s neck, flipping him into the ring. Joey springs, flips, and kicks his way to humiliating Marco, but Marco`s no fool. He knows every man has a weakness, and he uses a cheap shot to the balls to win the round. Obviously pissed off at Marco`s tactics, Justin storms into round two and dominates Ricky. After a nasty chin lock, Joey even jumps in for some double-team action while the ref is distracted by Marco. Justin weakens Ricky with a series of back breakers, surfboards, and nelsons, but the round isn`t over yet. After sending Marco in to give himself a breather, Ricky comes back swinging to pound Joey. Just when you think a relentless series of leg drops to the neck would be the end of Joey, Justin gets in and bear hugs the breath out of Ricky, and the round is done. Evened up, Ricky and Marco figure their only chance is to fight dirty, and that`s what round three is all about. And when their suits get stripped off, the sexual tension starts to rise, too. Is Joey just hip-thrusting Marco into each corner to knock the wind out of him? Or is Joey thinking about something else? When Justin decides it`s time to end it, he goes for a helicopter on Marco, but accidentally knocks out Joey and the ref. Seeing his opportunity, Ricky sucker punches Justin, knocks him down and puts the winded Marco on top of him to count out the match. The ref senses foul play and demands a continuation in the oil pit. But soon the heat generated in the oil pit makes for some extremely erotic wrestling. No one seems to be able to keep their hands off each other`s butts, cocks, balls, and nipples. Each muscle stretching submission hold is just an excuse to play. Ricky and Marco actually win this round fair and square, but no one`s really keeping track at that point. The four end up in a writhing flesh heap. The group grope includes, kissing, licking, massage, mutual jack-off, and even some dick head licking. Sure, there`s no real penetration here, but we guarantee they`ll work you up to your own explosive finish to join their four-way cum shot spectacular!

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